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saturn and jupiter transit the eleventh house natal

What happens during a Saturn & Jupiter in the same time transit? 

We have two planets that are polar opposites and have karmic energy. So now when they both are in the same sign, what does that mean? What does that do to your life when it comes to Karmic lessons and rewards given. 

The first thing I am going to say is what house is it transiting? We have 12 houses in our birth chart where is Saturn and Jupiter?

The biggest blessing when it comes to these two in the same house is hard work will be rewarded with an extra kick. Saturn is a very discipline planet and is here to teach us lessons and reward us for our hard work. Also depending on what house its in is where this will be emphasize. 

Now when we look at the Eleventh House; What does this house represent?

Its the house of Our Dreams and Ambitions as well as its the house of friends / our networking life. Which means what ever your trying to achieve or have in life this house represents it and shows you if its going to be an easy road or how its gonna play out. As well as friendships, how friendships will come to play and how many we will have or if we have difficulty with friendships, it all lives in the Eleventh House. 

Every house has a planet ruler or sometimes two planet rulers, luckily the planets that rules the Eleventh house is Saturn & Uranus. When a planet transits its own house its a more positive time period or fortunate time. Let's not forget Saturn also rules karmic lessons so even if the planet Saturn rules the house its transiting it comes with karmic lessons. 

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